Number of Released White Storks in Japan Reaches 100 (News)


Kobe, June 20 (Jiji Press)—The number of white storks, a government-designated special natural treasure, released into the wild in Japan has reached 100, 12 years after such efforts began.

The Hyōgo Park of the Oriental White Stork in the western Japan city of Toyooka, Hyōgo Prefecture, said Monday it has confirmed that one white stork newly made its departure from its nest in the city.

White storks, which folklore says brings babies to couples, have been confirmed in the wild in 46 prefectures in Japan so far, or all except Akita.

"We hope that white storks, which are said to bring happiness, will spread across Japan and deliver happiness to many people," park Director Yamagishi Satoshi said.

Feral white storks became extinct in Japan in 1971, following a drop in their population due mainly to postwar overhunting.

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