Kake Papers Leave Abe's Office Alarmed over "Rebellion" (News)


Tokyo, June 24 (Jiji Press)--The recent leaks of Japanese education ministry internal documents related to the Kake Educational Institution has left Prime Minister Abe Shinzō's office alarmed over what may represent rebellious moves by some government officials.

The papers sparked a public uproar, because some of them indicated Abe's wish to realize without a delay a plan by the school operator, run by a friend of his, to open a university department of veterinary medicine in a special zone for deregulation.

The prime minister's office is worried that some officials may be "rebelling in spirit while pretending to be obedient," as goes a personal motto of former vice education minister Maekawa Kihei, who has blown the whistle on the Kake scandal.

Alarmed by the recent developments, the prime minister's office has announced a decision to review its administrative document management. But it is uncertain whether the measure will be effective.

Behind the leaks may be frustration among ministry officials with the prime minister's office, which has strengthened its grip on central government personnel through the authority to appoint senior officials, informed sources said.

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