Hakuhō Equals Kaiō's Record 1,047 Career Wins (News)


Nagoya, July 20 (Jiji Press)—Yokozuna sumō grand champion Hakuhō on Thursday picked up the 1,047th win in his professional career in the Japanese national sport, equaling former ōzeki champion Kaiō’s record victories.

Hakuhō holds a board to mark his 1,047th win on July 20, 2017. Kaiō appears on the left. (© Jiji)

“I felt very focused in the ring today,” Hakuhō, 32, said after the day’s bout. Tying the record “is beyond words,” he added.

On the twelfth day of the 15-day Nagoya grand tournament in Aichi Prefecture, Hakuhō forced out Tamawashi, who has the third-highest rank of sekiwake in the makuuchi top division. Hakuhō is leading the tournament at 11-1.

Hakkaku Nobuyoshi, head of the Japan sumō association and a former yokozuna who competed under the name Hokutoumi, said, “Hakuhō was full of spirit today,” adding, “He is good at managing his physical condition.”

Hakuhō, who belongs to Miyagino Stable, earned the 1,047 wins in 97 tournaments, while Kaiō, now head of Asakayama Stable, reached the number during his 139th tournament.

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