Average Life Expectancy of Japanese Hits Record High (News)


Tokyo, July 27 (Jiji Press)—The average life expectancy of Japanese men and women in 2016 reached record highs, the Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry said Thursday.

Japanese men had an average life expectancy of 80.98 years, up from 80.75 years in 2015, and that of women stood at 87.14 years, up from 86.99 years, according to a survey by the ministry.

Both Japanese men and women ranked second out of 50 countries and regions covered in the survey, following Hong Kong's 81.32 years and 87.34 years, respectively.

"Decrease in mortality rates for cancer, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, the three major causes of death in Japan, contributed to the longer life expectancy," a ministry official said.

The average life expectancy is the number of years that babies born in a given year are expected to live. As the data aggregate death circumstances for all age groups, the average life expectancy is regarded as an indicator for health and welfare levels.

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