Local Governments Pin Hopes on Athlete Host Town Project (News)


Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Municipalities are gunning to revitalize their regions by taking part in the central government's project to encourage local governments to host foreign athletes and staff participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

In the project, registered municipalities are eligible for financial assistance for exchange programs with sports teams from abroad and renovations of local sports facilities. They may also receive state subsidies for regional revitalization and cultural promotion.

As of July 7, more than 250 municipalities were registered as hosts for 74 countries and regions.

While many registered municipalities are sticking their toes into the water, the city of Murayama, Yamagata Prefecture, northeastern Japan, is among those that have jumped in.

Murayama hosts the preparation camps for Bulgaria's rhythmic gymnastics team. The city partners with food and drink maker Meiji Co., which provides a wide range of support using its knowledge related to Bulgaria and yogurt, a major food in the European country.

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