Chimpanzees Can Master Rock-Paper-Scissors Game: Japan Team (News)

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Kyoto, Aug. 10 (Jiji Press)—A Japanese research group said Thursday it has found that chimpanzees have the ability to learn the rules of the rock-paper-scissors game.

"The study shows that a chimpanzee has a cognitive capacity roughly equivalent to that of a four-year-old child," said Matsuzawa Tetsurō, a professor at Kyoto University.

The findings by the group led by Matsuzawa were published online in the primatology journal Primates.

The group edited photographs of chimpanzee hands and displayed one of three pairs—rock-scissors, scissors-paper and paper-rock—on a computer screen.

When a chimpanzee chose the stronger of two options, it was given either an apple or dried grapes and a chime was sounded.

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