Human Blood from Mosquitos Could Identify Criminals: Research (News)

Science Technology

Nagoya, Aug. 17 (Jiji Press)—Mosquito bites at indoor crime scenes in summer could provide evidence for convictions, a team of researchers at Nagoya University suggests.

Human blood sampled from a mosquito remains viable for DNA analysis for up to two days after the bite took place, according to their research.

"We hope the technique will help prevent crimes," said Yamamoto Toshimichi, leader of the research team and associate professor of forensic medicine at the university's Graduate School of Medicine.

Researchers previously attempted to conduct studies by volunteering to be bitten by mosquitos, but concern over infectious diseases put limits on the research.

In the latest study, the Nagoya University team enlisted the help of Dainihon Jochūgiku Co., known for its Kinchō-brand insecticides and bug repellents. The Osaka-based company offered two mosquito species—Culex pipiens pallens and Aedes albopictus—in aseptic condition that were grown from eggs at one of its research facilities.

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