Mie University Taps Ninja Studies as Entrance Exam Subject (News)


Tsu, Mie Pref., Aug. 23 (Jiji Press)—Mie University is slated to allow graduate school applicants hoping to major in ninja studies to choose the academic field as an examination subject from next year.

People hoping to engage in ninja research at the university's Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences have been required to select Japanese history in written entrance examinations.

The condition is believed to be a heavier burden for those in jobs and from abroad than for others, as those sitting for history exams are required to interpret old styles of Japanese handwriting known as kuzushiji, requiring special preparations. Those aiming to study ninja and ninja art will be exempted from the kuzushiji portions of the entrance tests.

"The hurdle has been high," admits Mie University professor and ninja researcher Yamada Yūji. "We now hope to have people familiar with the field, including foreigners, take entrance examinations and become ninja researchers who can open new frontiers in the discipline."

Ninja and ninja art studies will be added to the list of optional examination subjects for applicants for admission to the graduate school's Area Studies Program from the next entrance examinations in February 2018.

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