North Korea Fires Missile over Japan Without Warning (News)


Tokyo, Aug. 29 (Jiji Press)—North Korea launched a ballistic missile from the country's western coast over Japan at 5:58 on Tuesday morning without warning, the Japanese government said.

The missile is believed to have fallen into the Pacific Ocean some 1,180 kilometers east of Cape Erimo in Hokkaidō after flying over the Oshima Peninsula in the northernmost prefecture. There has been no report of damage from the missile, according to government and other sources. The nationwide J-Alert warning system was activated, alerting citizens in 12 prefectures.

The latest launch "poses an unprecedentedly serious and grave threat and significantly undermines regional peace and security," Prime Minister Abe Shinzō told reporters at the prime minister's office.

This is the first time that a North Korean missile has flown over the Japanese archipelago, excluding the southwestern islands, since the one fired in April 2009. The Ministry of Defense said that it may have been an intermediate-range ballistic missile.

The government lodged a strong protest against North Korea through a diplomatic channel. Prime Minister Abe spoke with US President Donald Trump, saying they were in complete agreement that it was necessary to increase pressure on North Korea.

North Korean Ballistic Missiles: July–August 2017 Timeline

July 4 North Korea announces the successful test launch of its Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile. It lands in the sea in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.
July 6 Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzō, US President Donald Trump, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in discuss the issue before the Group of 20 Summit in Germany.
July 29 North Korea conducts its second Hwasong-14 missile test launch. The missile is fired toward the Japan Sea, landing in Japan’s EEZ to the west of Hokkaidō.
August 5 The United Nations Security Council votes unanimously to impose new sanctions on North Korea.
August 9 North Korea threatens to fire missiles targeting the vicinity of Guam.
August 12 The Ministry of Defense deploys Patriot ground-to-air guided missiles at Self-Defense Force bases in Shimane, Hiroshima, Ehime, and Kōchi Prefectures.
August 21 The United States and South Korea begin conducting joint exercises.
August 26 North Korea fires three short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan.
August 29 North Korea fires a ballistic missile that lands in the sea to the east of Cape Erimo in Hokkaidō. The Ministry of Defense says it may have been an intermediate-range ballistic missile.
The nationwide J-Alert warning system is activated.

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