Time-Saving Home Electronics Popular with Two-Income Families (News)


Tokyo, Sept. 5 (Jiji Press)--Robotic vacuum cleaners, washer dryers, and dishwashers are popular among two-income households in Japan, as they help users save time on daily chores and secure time for relaxing, makers and retailers say.

Sales floors at retailers are busy as electronics makers are releasing new products one after another.

Electronics retailer Bic Camera Inc. said the number of robot cleaners it sold in the first half of this year increased 20% from the year-before level.

US maker iRobot Corp. has launched low-end Roomba robot vacuums priced below ¥60,000 with a system allowing users to control the machine by smartphone from outside the home. The system was previously limited to high-end models.

Hitachi Ltd. and Panasonic Corp. are among the Japanese firms offering robot cleaners, with their products sold mainly in the ¥60,000 range. Particularly popular are models that can turn easily and clean dust in room corners.

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