North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile over Japan Again (News)


Tokyo, Sept. 15 (Jiji Press)—North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile over the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaidō on Friday morning, making another military provocation less than a week after the United Nations Security Council adopted a fresh, stricter sanctions resolution against the reclusive country.

The missile seemed to have flown over Hokkaidō and fallen into the Pacific Ocean some 2,200 kilometers east of the prefecture's Cape Erimo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide told a hastily arranged press conference.

Following the North Korean missile launch, the Japanese government issued warnings to 12 prefectures in eastern to northern Japan via its J-Alert early warning system.

According to the government and South Korea's military, the ballistic missile was blasted off from a site near Sunan in a Pyongyang suburb at around 6:57 a.m., passed over Hokkaidō between 7:04 a.m. and 7:06 a.m., and dropped into the ocean at around 7:16 a.m. after flying about 3,700 kilometers. It is estimated to have reached a maximum altitude of some 800 kilometers.

Japanese Defense Minister Onodera Itsunori said that the projectile is believed to be a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile.

There have been no reports of damage to aircraft or ships from the missile, Suga said.

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