Japanese Win Ig Nobel Prize for Finding Insect with Sex-Reversed Genitals (News)

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New York, Sept. 14 (Jiji Press)—A team of Japanese and other researchers won this year's Ig Nobel Biology Prize on Thursday for discovering an insect with sex-reversed genitals.

The Japanese researchers include Hokkaidō University Associate Professor Yoshizawa Kazunori and Keiō University Associate Professor Kamimura Yoshitaka.

Their winning of the Ig Nobel Prize marked the 11th straight year of Japanese receiving the spoof version of the Nobel Prize.

When living creatures that reproduce through internal fertilization mate, males insert their genitals into the bodies of females almost without exception.

But the research team found that the females of a kind of psocoptera from a Brazilian cave have penis-like organs and insert them into the hole-shaped genitals of the males.

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