LDP's Election Pledges to Contain Proposed Constitutional Amendments (News)


Tokyo, Sept. 20 (Jiji Press)—The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is considering including four constitutional amendments proposed by Prime Minister Abe Shinzō in its policy pledges for the imminent election of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Japan's Diet, informed sources said Wednesday.

But the LDP will refrain from showing draft amendments with specific wording because some party members oppose the proposals by Abe, also the LDP president, the sources said.

The four proposals include adding to the war-renouncing Article 9 a paragraph stipulating the rationale for the existence of the Self-Defense Forces and allowing an extension of lawmakers' terms in emergency situations, such as major natural disasters.

At a meeting of the LDP's headquarters on promoting constitutional amendments, Yasuoka Okiharu, head of the panel, was given a free hand to draft the party's election pledges as far as the supreme law is concerned.

Some LDP members, including Ishiba Shigeru, former secretary-general of the party, stick to an LDP constitutional amendment draft compiled in 2012 that calls for creating national defense forces by removing the second paragraph of Article 9, which proclaims that Japan's will not possess land, sea, and air forces.

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