Creating New Party One Option: DP Edano (News)


Tokyo, Oct. 1 (Jiji Press)—Edano Yukio, deputy president of the Democratic Party, offered the view Sunday that one option is creating a new party toward the October 22 House of Representatives election.

"If the DP's philosophy and policies are to change, a decision can be made from various options," Edano said, indicating the possibility of launching a liberal party to bring together candidates who do not want to run in the election from Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko's new conservative party Kibō no Tō (Party of Hope).

Edano made the remark to reporters before meeting with DP chief Maehara Seiji to receive explanations about progress in Maehara's negotiations with the Kibō no Tō side on the DP's effective merger with Koike's party, launched last week.

Koike's stance of not endorsing DP members as her party's official candidates unless they support the new security laws and the party's policy of revising the Constitution has drawn strong backlash from liberal members of the DP.

Some DP members call for establishing a new party so anti-Kibō no Tō candidates in the Lower House election can run not only from constituencies but under the proportional representation system.

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