Clues to Prevent Babies from Crying During Flight Sought (News)


Tokyo, Oct. 1 (Jiji Press)—All Nippon Airways and three other Japanese companies conducted Sunday an airborne research to find ways to prevent babies from starting crying during flight.

More than a few passengers feel pain in their ears when aircraft ascend and descend due to quick changes in the cabin pressure. Sometimes babies do not stop crying. Due to this, many families with small children tend to refrain from traveling by air. According to ANA, children below three years old only account for around 1.6% of the total passengers.

In the in-flight experiment, ANA, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., Toray Industries Inc. and Combi Corp. tried to detect signs that babies show before crying by checking their pulse and mental and physical conditions with special equipment developed by NTT and Toray.

The devices attached to the chest of children sent the precursor signs, such as fussing, to smartphones held by their parents. When the parents saw the signs on the smartphones, they had the children drink a liquid with Combi's mug cups with straws attached to relieve ear pressure.

The airborne study project was joined by 34 families of employees of the four companies and their affiliates.

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