Young Japanese Adults Leave Home Less Frequently Than Seniors: Survey (News)


Tokyo, Oct. 16 (Jiji Press)—Japanese people in their twenties leave their homes less frequently than those in their seventies, a recent mobility survey has shown.

The survey, conducted by East Japan Marketing & Communications Inc., also showed that over 60% of respondents in their twenties admit having a tendency to isolate themselves from society.

"They can now do shopping and many other things at home thanks to the spread of the Internet and smartphones," an official of the company said about the findings on young people.

A total of 2,200 people aged 20 to 79, excluding students, responded to the survey, which was conducted in March through the Internet.

The frequency of leaving the home was calculated by the number of times they go out for work, shopping, eating out, beauty care, exercise, recreation, education, hospital visits and 10 other purposes per month.

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