Aerial Survey Finds Nara Tomb Mound Likely Biggest of Round Ones in Japan (News)


Nara, Nov. 15 (Jiji Press)—The Tomio-Maruyama ancient tomb mound in the western Japan city of Nara has been found likely to be the largest of known round-shaped tombs in the country, the city's archaeological research center said Wednesday.

The Tomio-Maruyama ancient tomb mound. Photograph courtesy of the city of Nara. (© Jiji)

An aerial laser survey between May and August found the Tomio-Maruyama tomb mound has a three-deck structure and is around 110 meters in diameter, according to the center.

Currently considered the largest is the Maruhakayama tomb mound in Gyōda, Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, with a diameter of 105 meters.

A survey in 1982 suggested that the Tomio-Maruyama tomb mound had a diameter of around 102 meters. No detailed survey had been conducted until the latest project.

The laser survey also found that the Tomio-Maruyama mound is 14.3 meters tall and has a square area on its northeast side that could have been used for rituals.

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