60-Year-Old Subway Cars Shown to Media After Repairs (News)


Tokyo, Nov. 27 (Jiji Press)—Three subway cars that operated in Tokyo and Argentina for some 60 years in total were shown to the media in Tokyo on Monday after repairs.

It is unusual for a train car to mark a 60-year anniversary, well beyond the standard span of 50 years, according to officials of Tokyo Metro Co., which held the media event for the Type 500 cars at its train yard in Nakano Ward in the Japanese capital.

The Type 500 cars with 60 years of service, pictured in Tokyo on November 27, 2017. (© Jiji)

The Type 500, known for its red body with a white-and-silver line on both sides, debuted on the Marunouchi Line in Tokyo in November 1957, three years after the line's opening.

After the retirement in Tokyo in 1996, 110 of the Type 500 cars were sent to Argentina for use in the subway system in its capital, Buenos Aires. Some of these cars are still in service in the city, while four of retired cars were transported back to Japan in July last year.

The four cars were covered in rust and graffiti when they returned home. Tokyo Metro employees started scrubbing off the rust and graffiti. After the cars were fully repaired, including the wheels, they were freshly painted, and three of them were displayed to journalists on Monday.

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