Dulles Backed Japanese Constitutional Revision (News)


Tokyo, Dec. 20 (Jiji Press)—During his visit to Japan in 1956, then US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles supported revisions to the Japanese constitution, newly declassified diplomatic documents showed Wednesday.

At his meeting with senior officials of the government of Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Ichirō, Dulles referred to "mutual defense," possibly setting his sights on Japan's use of the right to collective self-defense.

At the same time, however, he warned against a revival of wartime militarism in Japan.

On March 18, 1956, Dulles held talks at the US embassy in Tokyo with senior Japanese officials, including Foreign Minister Shigemitsu Mamoru, Funada Naka, chief of the then Defense Agency, agriculture minister Kōno Ichirō and Kishi Nobusuke, secretary-general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

The LDP, created in November 1955 by the merger of two conservative parties, had set a party platform calling for amending the post-World War II constitution, which was drafted by the US occupation forces.

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