Fake $100 Bills Found in Tokyo (News)


Tokyo, Dec. 21 (Jiji Press)—Tokyo police discovered 161 fake $100 bills in the capital, Jiji Press has learned.

According to investigative sources, the Metropolitan Police Department found that five $100 bills exchanged for yen at a ticket and money exchange shop in Shinjuku were counterfeit and so were a total of 156 bills brought into similar shops near Ueno and Akihabara Stations of East Japan Railway Co., or JR East.

In the Shinjuku case, a shop clerk gave the bills in question to a male customer in exchange for yen without noticing they were fake. On October 31, the customer told the police that there was something wrong with the bills.

Meanwhile, 20 bills were exchanged for yen by a group of two men at a shop near Ueno Station and another 20 by the same number of men at a shop nearby, on October 27. Clerks of the shops reported the cases to the police.

The same day, a man changed 16 hundreds at a shop near Akihabara Station. A shop clerk found they were counterfeit after the man was gone. The man revisited there later in the day and asked to change 100 more. When the clerk photographed his face accepting the bills, the man ran away, the sources said.

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