South Korea Unveils Secret Talks on Comfort Women Accord with Japan (News)


Seoul, Dec. 27 (Jiji Press)—A South Korean task force released on Wednesday a report elaborating on the contents of secret high-level talks between the South Korean and Japanese governments on the bilateral accord to resolve the issue of so-called comfort women.

The accord, announced on December 28, 2015, was wrapped up largely in the secret talks, the task force of the Foreign Ministry said, announcing the results of its probes into bilateral negotiations on the deal about the women forced into prostitution for Japanese troops chiefly during World War II.

The high-level talks progressed consistently in the form of secret negotiations held separately from official bureau-chief-level meetings, bringing together then South Korean National Intelligence Service chief Lee Byung-kee, who also has work experience as ambassador to Japan and chief of the president's secretary office, and Yachi Shōtarō, head of the secretariat of Japan's National Security Council, according to the task force report.

The team criticized then South Korean President Park Geun-hye for not releasing contents that could be negative to her country.

The issue of comfort women will inevitably be rekindled even if the two governments declare that it has been resolved finally and irreversibly, unless victims in South Korea accept such a declaration, the task force warned.

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