Japanese Researchers Focus on Hair for Health Analysis (News)

Science Technology

Tokyo, Dec. 31 (Jiji Press)—A Japanese group including government-affiliated research institute Riken has started a joint study to develop technology to analyze human health from changes in hair shape and components.

The group hopes to develop such technology in two years to improve people's lifestyles and propose appropriate supplements.

With the future participation of a medical institution, it will aim to apply the technology to efforts for the early discovery of diseases including cancer and dementia, officials said.

The research group also includes wig maker Aderans Co., Yahoo Japan Corp.  and precision instrument maker Shimadzu Corp.

Hair is currently used to detect traces of narcotics and other drugs. According to Takashi Tsuji, leader of Riken researchers in the group, some research papers suggest hair component changes that are unique to sufferers of ailments such as cancer and diabetes.

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