Japan Protests New Korean Policy on Comfort Women Deal (News)


Tokyo, Jan. 9 (Jiji Press)—The Japanese government lodged a protest after the South Korean government announced a new policy on Tuesday on the 2015 bilateral agreement to resolve the issue of so-called former comfort women.

Japanese Foreign Minister Kōno Tarō said Tokyo will continue to urge Seoul to "steadily implement" the agreement, in which the two countries confirmed that the issue was resolved "finally and irreversibly."

"Comfort women" refers to those who were forced into prostitution for Japanese troops, chiefly during World War II.

"The Japan–South Korea agreement is a promise between the two countries," Kōno told reporters.

"It's an international and universal principle that such an accord should be implemented responsibly even after a change of government," he stressed.

South Korea to Cover Financial Aid for Ex-Comfort Women

Seoul, Jan. 9 (Jiji Press)—The South Korean government will shoulder a cost equivalent to the ¥1 billion contributed by the Japanese government to provide financial support to so-called former comfort women in South Korea, Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said Tuesday.

At a press conference, Kang said the South Korean government will not ask the Japanese government to renegotiate a 2015 bilateral agreement to resolve the issue of the women, who were forced into prostitution for Japanese troops before and during World War II.

The South Korean government expects Japan to continue efforts to restore the honor and dignity of the former comfort women and heal their psychological wounds, Kang also said.

While allocating funds under its state budget equivalent to the ¥1 billion contribution from the Japanese government, South Korea aims to discuss with Japan about what to do with the Japanese assistance, she said.

In Tokyo, Japanese Foreign Minister Kōno told reporters, "We can't accept any request at all from South Korea for Japan to take further measures."

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