Shōgi Sensation Fujii Defeats Title Holder for First Time (News)


Nagoya, Jan. 15 (Jiji Press)—Fujii Sōta, 15, the youngest professional shōgi player, defeated Satō Amahiko , the holder of the Meijin title, in a quarterfinal of the 11th Asahi Cup open tournament, achieving his first victory over any title holder.

For Fujii, a shōgi sensation in the rank of fourth dan, the match, held in Nagoya, central Japan, on Sunday, was the first official game with a title holder.

"Winning over a Meijin title holder allowed me to build self-confidence," Fujii said after the match.

Satō, 29, said Fujii's moves in the match were precise.

"He's a star of the shōgi world," Sato said. "I very much look forward to playing against him."

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