Japanese Cram Schools to Introduce AI (News)


Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Cram schools in Japan are introducing teaching materials using artificial intelligence to analyze students' performance and tailor questions to their achievement levels, thus helping them get higher test scores.

The Kawaijuku Educational Institution, based in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, will start using AI-based teaching materials for mathematics classes for high school students in April.

"It will be as if each student were served by an AI teacher," said Maenaka Kōji, a Kawaijuku official.

In September last year, Kawaijuku jointly developed the AI-based teaching materials with Compass Inc., a Tokyo-based education service startup, which also operates its own cram schools. The program gives questions to students via tablet devices.

After analyzing students' answers and their reasoning, as well as times for giving answers, the program serves up questions that best suit each student.

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