Tighter Rules on Japanese Wine Labeling (News)


Yamagata, Jan. 20 (Jiji Press)—Some Japanese wineries are moving to change their product indications containing geographical names ahead of the planned tightening of place-of-origin rules. The new rules aim to prevent consumer misunderstandings as the reputation of domestic wines continues to rise.

Among them is Takeda Winery in the city of Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture, whose mainstay products include the Zaō Star series. The product brand name derives from the Zaō mountain range, known for popular ski resorts and the tourist-attracting scenery of frozen snow-covered trees.

The winery will use Takeda Winery Rouge and other names for the series starting with products made with grapes harvested in 2017.

The move is intended to meet a new requirement, to be introduced by the National Tax Agency on October 30 this year, that wine products showing geographical names must be those with at least 85% locally grown grape content.

In the Zaō Star series, the white and rosé wines meet the new requirement, but red wines do not, as they also use fruit from Tendō, another city in Yamagata, located somewhat distant from Zaō.

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