Japanese Princess Mako's Marriage Postponed (News)


Tokyo, Feb. 6 (Jiji Press)—Ceremonies related to the marriage of Japanese Princess Mako and her fiance, Komuro Kei, have been postponed, the Imperial Household Agency said Tuesday.

In September last year, Princess Mako, 26, and Komuro, her same-age former university classmate, held a joint press conference to announce their engagement. Their engagement ceremony was set for March 4 this year and wedding for November 4 in Tokyo.

Princess Mako, right, and her fiance-to-be, Komuro Kei, left, attend a press conference held at the Akasaka Imperial estate in Tokyo on September 3, 2017, after their informal engagement was announced by the Imperial Household Agency. The 25-year-old princess is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko. (© Jiji)

The first daughter of Prince Akishino, the second son of Emperor Akihito, said in a statement issued through the agency that there is not sufficient preparation time left for the wedding and related ceremonies as well as for life after the marriage.

"I am very sorry for causing all people who kindly work together for our marriage so much trouble and putting a greater burden on them," she said.

According to the agency, Princess Mako and Komuro decided to put off their marriage until 2020 in consultations with Prince Akishino and his wife, Princess Kiko, as well as relevant officials, taking into account events to be held in line with the Emperor's abdication and Crown Prince Naruhito's enthronement next year. The Emperor and Empress Michiko have already been informed of the decision. The agency denied that tabloid rumors about Komuro's mother having money problems influenced the decision.

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