Rice in Small Amounts Selling Well in Japan


Tokyo, Feb. 7 (Jiji Press)—The marketing strategy of selling rice in small volumes has recently been successful in Japan on the back of a rise in the number of one-person households and small families.

Five-kilogram packages of rice, which used to be the main size, are unpopular among these households because they are too large and expensive for them.

To satisfy low-volume needs, some companies have started selling rice in plastic bottles or by the measure.

Niigata and Iwate Prefectures, along with other major rice-producing areas in Japan, have developed new brands of rice that, while relatively expensive, can be sold at affordable prices if they are marketed in small amounts, industry sources said.

According to major rice wholesaler Kitoku Shinryō Co., shipments of rice in 5-kilogram packages have been flat. By contrast, those of rice in 2-kilogram packages have climbed by some 30% from five years ago.

A selection of rice brands from around the country marketed by Pebora on display at the company's Komekuuto shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo. (© Jiji)

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