Japan to Test Practical Use of Quantum-Encrypted Communication (News)


Tokyo, Feb. 8 (Jiji Press)—The Japanese government plans to conduct a five-year experimental study on quantum-encrypted communication from fiscal 2018, with a view to putting the technology into practical use promptly, a government source said Thursday.

In its fiscal 2018 draft budget, the government has included about ¥300 million to cover related costs, including on the designing of a satellite-mounted laser system to transmit quantum encryption keys that are used to both encrypt and decode messages.

The government plans to test the laser system by using small satellites or aircraft traveling at high altitudes.

Quantum-encrypted communication is believed to be difficult to tap because any such attempts would be immediately detected.

The technology is expected to be primarily used in the fields of diplomacy and security, such as communication with diplomatic missions abroad and vessels in remote locations.

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