Meiji to Provide Mexican Farmers with Rare White Cacao Saplings (News)


Tokyo, Feb. 13 (Jiji Press)—Meiji Holdings Co. will provide farmers in southern Mexico with saplings of rare white cacao, which is grown in the region and used to make high-end chocolate, officials have said.

White cacao plants grown by Meiji Holdings in Mexico. (Courtesy Meiji Holdings)

The holding company for the confectionery and dairy product group hopes to support farmers who grow white cacao, whose beans fetch higher prices than normal brown cacao beans, to promote the variety as a local specialty for regional development.

The company also aims for business expansion through the project.

The white cacao, whose fruit contains the characteristic white beans, is vulnerable to disease and changes in weather conditions. White cacao beans make up just 0.002% of the total cacao production in the world.

As part of the group's Meiji Cocoa Support program to support cacao farmers worldwide, Meiji Holdings opened a 100-hectare plantation in Tapachula in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas in 2016. With local cooperation, Meiji Holdings started mass production of white cacao beans on the farm.

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