Japan Post Delivery Autos to Measure Radiation in Fukushima (News)


Fukushima, Feb. 14 (Jiji Press)—Japan Post Co. and the Fukushima prefectural government signed Wednesday a comprehensive partnership agreement, which includes a plan for the company to measure radiation quantity in areas affected by the 2011 nuclear accident.

It is the 15th time that the unit of Japan Post Holdings Co. has concluded an agreement with a prefectural government in Japan.

Under the plan, Japan Post's delivery minivehicles will be equipped with radiation measurement equipment.

Data will be collected automatically and then wirelessly transmitted to the prefectural government. The northeastern Japan prefecture was heavily damaged by the March 2011 powerful earthquake and tsunami and affected by a subsequent accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

In addition, the two parties agreed that posters to promote the prefecture's goods will be put up at post offices in areas around Tokyo as well as in Fukushima and five other prefectures in the Tōhoku northeastern region.

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