Fujii Becomes Youngest Shōgi Competition Winner (News)


Tokyo, Feb. 17 (Jiji Press)—Fujii Sōta, a 15-year-and-six-month-old professional shōgi player, won the 11th Asahi Cup tournament on Saturday, becoming the youngest winner in a major shōgi competition other than title matches.

Fujii struck the record for the first time in 63 years by surpassing retired ninth-dan Katō Hifumi, 78, who became such a winner at the age of 15 years and 10 months.

With the day's victory, Fujii was promoted to sixth dan, only 16 days after advancing to fifth dan.

Fujii defeated eighth-dan Hirose Akihito, 31, in the final match of the Asahi Cup, a hayazashi quick play competition with time controls.

The youngest professional player in the current shōgi world moved on to the final by beating 47-year-old master Habu Yoshiharu in a semifinal held earlier on Saturday.

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