Seven Years On: Fukushima Town Gives School Life DVD to Evacuated New Adults (News)


Fukushima, March 2 (Jiji Press)—The municipal government of Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture sent DVDs containing junior high school life memories to people who reach adulthood after having to leave the town without receiving yearbooks due to the March 2011 nuclear accident.

Under a memorabilia program launched last year, a DVD with contents such as the current state of the northeastern town and school life photos was provided to some 70 youngsters who celebrated the Coming-of-Age ceremony in January this year, ahead of the seventh anniversary of the accident.

Yanagezawa Yoshiki (left) and Yamamoto Yūka look at a DVD containing a picture album from their junior high school in Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture. Photo taken in Kōnosu, Saitama Prefecture, on February 18, 2018. (© jiji)

Futaba, one of the host municipalities of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.'s  Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the site of the triple meltdown accident, is still fully covered by a central government evacuation advisory.

Students at a junior high school in the town were in the middle of extracurricular club activities when a 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred on the afternoon of March 11, 2011, triggering the massive tsunami that led to the nuclear accident, the worst ever in Japan.

Immediately after the disasters, the students worked hard to secure water for toilets and performed other emergency tasks.

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