Japan Healthy Life Span at 72.14 Years for Men, 74.79 for Women (News)


Tokyo, March 9 (Jiji Press)—The healthy life expectancy is put at 72.14 years for Japanese men in 2016, up 0.95 year from 2013, and 74.79 years for women, up 0.58 year, the Ministry of Health said Friday.

By prefecture, Yamanashi ranked top in healthy life expectancy for men at 73.21 years, staying in the top spot it took in the previous survey in 2013. For women, Aichi posted the longest health span of 76.32 years.

In 2016, the average life expectancy for Japanese men stood at 80.98 years, and that for women at 87.14 years. The expected lifetime after healthy years was shortened by 0.18 year for men and 0.05 year for women.

The prefecture with the second-longest healthy lifespan for men was Saitama, at 73.10 years. For women, Mie ranked second at 76.30 years.

The lowest position was held by Akita at 71.21 years in the men's rankings and Hiroshima at 73.62 years for women. The survey did not cover Kumamoto, due to huge earthquakes in the southwestern prefecture in 2016.

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