Three-Meter Godzilla Statue Appears in Tokyo


Tokyo, March 22 (Jiji Press)—A ceremony was held on Thursday to unveil a three-meter-tall statue of popular Japanese movie monster Godzilla in Chiyoda, central Tokyo.

The statue was created as a symbol of Hibiya Godzilla Square, renovated open space in front of commercial complex Hibiya Chanter.

The new Godzilla statue unveiled in Chiyoda, Tokyo, on March 22, 2018. (© Jiji)

The statue is modeled on the monster featured in Shin Godzilla, the 29th in the popular movie series, which was released in 2016.

It is the largest whole-body, three-dimensional Godzilla statue ever created in Japan. The height of the statue includes a 50-centimeter pedestal.

The old Godzilla statue, erected in 1995 in the space, will be transferred to movie theater Tōhō Cinemas Hibiya, which will open on March 29 in an adjacent area. The theater will be operated by Tōhō Cinemas Ltd., a subsidiary of movie distributor Tōhō Co.

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