LDP Draft to Retain War-Renouncing Clauses in Constitution


Tokyo, March 22 (Jiji Press)—Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party will leave intact two war-renouncing clauses in Article 9 of the country's Constitution while adding new clause to justify its possession of the Self-Defense Forces in drafting amendments to the supreme law, it was effectively decided on Thursday.

At the day's meeting of the LDP's constitutional revision headquarters, participants decided to give its chief Hosoda Hiroyuki a freehand in dealing with the Article 9 issue.

Some LDP members, including Ishiba Shigeru, former secretary-general of the party, call for removing the two clauses to make it clear that Japan can possess forces to protect itself.

Hosoda, however, aims to retain the clauses—one for renouncing war and the other denying the possession of military forces—as proposed by Prime Minister Abe Shinzō, also LDP president, to gain support from coalition partner Kōmeitō and a wider spectrum of the public for the LDP's revision plan.

The fresh clause will allow the country to take necessary self-defense measures and possess the SDF as a body to implement such measures, according to a proposal shown by the constitutional revision task force's leadership.

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