First Graders Prone to Fatal Traffic Accidents in Japan (News)


Tokyo, March 22 (Jiji Press)—First-grade elementary school students were eight times more likely to be killed in traffic accidents while walking than sixth graders in 2013–17 in Japan, the National Police Agency said in a survey report on Thursday.

Of 84 elementary school children who were killed in traffic accidents while walking in the five-year period, 32 were first graders and four were sixth graders, the agency said.

Looking at pedestrian victims of fatal or injury traffic accidents per 100,000 population, seven-year-olds, or first and second graders, accounted for the biggest number among all age brackets. Many seven-year-olds met with accidents between 3 PM and 5 PM, when a lot of children are on their way home from school.

"Newly enrolled students are beginners in terms of walking to and from school on their own," an official of the agency said, calling on drivers to be thoughtful about such young pedestrians especially around the time when the new school year starts in the country in April.

Elementary school students who were killed or injured while crossing streets came to 18,841 in the five-year period.

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