Imperial Palace Inui Street Opened As Cherries Fully Bloom


Tokyo, March 24 (Jiji Press)—The Imperial Palace's Inui Street is opened to the public from Saturday through April 1, as cherry trees went into full bloom in Tokyo.

From the Imperial Household Agency building, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko viewed visitors to the street, where 103 cherry trees of 31 varieties are planted, compared with 75 trees of 12 varieties before recent transplant work, according to the agency.

On Saturday, the Japan Meteorological Agency declared that Tokyo's benchmark cherry tree in Yasukuni Shrine has fully bloomed, marking the third-earliest blooming peak on record since 1953.

Opening the street to the public became a regular event after the agency granted public access in the spring and autumn of 2014 to commemorate Emperor Akihito's 80th birthday on Dec. 23, 2013, attracting many visitors.

During the current public access period, visitors are allowed to enter the street from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. They can enjoy a 750-meter route from the palace's Sakashita gate to Inui gate, or other routes that go through the East Gardens.

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