Owner of Camera Found in Taiwan Identified as Japanese Woman


Taipei, March 29 (Jiji Press)--The owner of an underwater camera that was found washed ashore in Taiwan by an elementary school boy earlier this week has been identified as a Japanese woman after the child's teacher posted on Facebook about the discovery.

The camera covered with seaweed and shells after its journey from Okinawa to Taiwan. (Courtesy Yueming Elementary School, Taiwan; © Jiji)

It turned out on Wednesday that the camera belongs to the 21-year-old Japanese woman, Tsubakihara Serina , a student at Sophia University in Tokyo, who lost it over two years ago on the island of Ishigaki in the southernmost Japan prefecture of Okinawa, some 230 kilometers from Taiwan. The camera will be returned to her.

On her Facebook page, Tsubakihara posted a message saying that she is full of gratitude to many people. She will visit Taiwan in June to thank the elementary school boy and others.

According to an elementary school in the town of Suao in Yilan County, northeastern Taiwan, the boy, who is in the fifth grade at the school, found the camera during a coastal cleanup activity on Tuesday that all the students at the school took part in.

The photos stored in the camera were found to have apparently been taken on Ishigaki in September 2015. The camera case was covered in seaweed and shells.

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