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New Era for Big Data as Uses Evolve

Big data has been in the news for several years and now, interest has shifted to using AI to analyze big data and create data-driven scenarios for problem solving. This series of articles examines how data collected is being used in Japan.

The “Ehime Method”: Using Big Data to Support Matchmaking

Japan today is struggling with a low birthrate, an aging population, and the percentage of Japanese men and women who never marry at an all-time high. Getting people paired, hopefully boosting the population down the road, is high on the list of priorities for many local governments. Ehime Prefecture’s Marriage Support Center has pioneered the use of big data to encourage men and women to meet. The success of the “Ehime system” is now attracting attention across the country.

Japanese Wine Meets Big Data

Japanese wines are now holding their own against inexpensive imports in supermarkets as consumers find growing appeal in knowing about and identifying with the stories of producers close to home. Big data is increasingly being used to help in the field of viniculture. We visited Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures at harvest time to learn more.

Japanese Businesses Must Adapt to Changing Times to Make the Most of Big Data

Advances in AI and the Internet of things have enabled companies to analyze vast amounts of consumer data instantly, making data-driven business management a burgeoning field for firms looking to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. We sat down with computer science researcher Satō Ichirō, deputy director general at the National Institute of Informatics, to learn how forward-looking businesses use big data.

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