Happening in Japan

Meeting Trends Where They Start

Cultural events of every scope and scale are held throughout Japan every day. This series highlights some of these events to showcase some of the current trends in Japan’s cultural scene.

New Ways to Play: The 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show (Videos)

The Licca-chan doll, still going strong at 50, and other hit toys presented on video.

2017 International Tokyo Toy Show (Photo Gallery)

Battling tops, knitting made easy, and Anpanman-themed goods are among toys featured at the 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show. Some 35,000 toys will be on display during the first weekend of June.

Tokyo Game Show 2016: The Dawn of the VR Era?

A roundup of some of the games drawing most interest at one of the world’s biggest game shows.

Iriya Morning Glory Festival: Summer Flowers in Tokyo

For three days in July, visitors gather at a north Tokyo temple to enjoy a wide variety of morning glories.

VR Toys at Center Stage: 2016 International Tokyo Toy Show (Videos)

See Japan’s newest toys in action in this video report.

2016 International Tokyo Toy Show (Photo Gallery)

Musical cats, miniature classrooms, Godzilla, and more are on display at the 2016 International Tokyo Toy Show.

Celebrating an Iconic Film Character at the Tora-san Summit

The Tora-san Summit, held in Shibamata, northern Tokyo, drew 20,000 film fans over the course of a weekend in November, including some who even dressed up as the legendary traveling salesman.

Imagining the Future of Driving at the Tokyo Motor Show

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show opened on October 29 with 160 companies presenting their competing visions of the future of automobiles. Of the 400 vehicles on display, around a fifth were world premieres.

Kyoto’s “Nippon to Asobō” Event Blends the Old and New

Every year since 1994 Kyoto has played host to “Nippon to Asobō”—an event that showcases the city’s traditional culture and cuisine. The venues include some of the ancient capital’s most historic temples and shrines. We talked to the co-organizer of the event, Yahata Satoko, to find out more.

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