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VR Toys at Center Stage: 2016 International Tokyo Toy Show (Videos)

See Japan’s newest toys in action in this video report.

The International Tokyo Toy Show, Japan’s biggest such event, took place at Tokyo Big Sight on June 9–12, 2016.

The latest Japanese toys often incorporate the latest technologies. At this year’s show, all eyes were on special goggle headsets allowing users to attach their own smartphones for a virtual reality experience.

One of these headsets is Joy! VR Uchū no Tabibito (Joy! VR Space Traveler), produced by Takara Tomy. With this head-mounted device that uses its own specialized apps, players can travel in all directions through space using a stick controller. Meanwhile, BotsNew VR from Megahouse has a range of VR games based around finger-mounted controllers.

Toys featuring cameras were also popular. Takara Tomy’s venerable Plarail train set, which has been winning fans for almost 60 years, received an update for the smartphone era. Its new Doctor Yellow train has two onboard cameras to let users watch the scenery flash by on their phones or tablets. Meanwhile, pet fish owners are the target market for CCP’s Submariner Camera, which takes pictures and video footage underwater. It works by remote control and even has an extendable arm to dispense food and lure fish in closer for the perfect shot.

Analog toys have been evolving too. The Love Knitting set from Agatsuma makes it easy to create small knitted items with its simple knitting frame and attached needles. Along with the above-mentioned camera toys, this was one of the award winners at this year’s show.

Around 35,000 products in all were on display at 2016 International Tokyo Toy Show. The industry will be watching to see which of these catch on with the general public.

Best-in-Category Award Winners at ITTS 2016

Category Product and Manufacturer
Boys Beyblade Burst B-34 Starter Victory Valkyrie (battling tops), Takara Tomy
Girls Love Knitting Basic Set, Agatsuma
Communication Tamagotchi M!x 6, Bandai
Education Oekaki Artist (digital sketchbook), Megahouse
General Munyumunyu Do-re-mi-fa Kyatto (musical cat toys), Takara Tomy Arts
Innovation Plarail Sumaho de Unten! Daburu Kamera Dokutā Ierō (Doctor Yellow Plarail train toy with cameras), Takara Tomy
“High target” (adult) Submariner Camera, CCP
  • [2016.06.23]
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