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2017 International Tokyo Toy Show (Photo Gallery)


Battling tops, knitting made easy, and Anpanman-themed goods are among toys featured at the 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show. Some 35,000 toys will be on display during the first weekend of June.

2017 International Tokyo Toy Show is open to the public on the weekend of June 3–4 at Tokyo Big Sight. Here we look at some of this year’s prize-winning toys.

The new Beyblade Burst series won the second consecutive prize for Takara Tomy’s battling tops in the boys’ category.

Agatsuma’s Love Knitting series also held onto the girls’ category top prize for the second year running with its Pom Pom Maker that makes it easy to create the decorative wool balls.

Pom pom birds.

A world-traveling board game secured the communication toy prize. Chikyū Marugoto Sugoroku is produced by Megahouse.

Popular bread-based hero Anpanman made a first appearance among the winners as the Anpanman Shaberi Ippai Kotoba Zukan Super DX captured the educational toy prize. The interactive picture book from Sega Toys speaks individual words in both Japanese and English, and can also make brief sentences.

A version of the Anpanman-gō, the mobile bakery piloted by the baked-good superhero’s creator, that children assemble themselves was selected as the winner in the general category. Hashiru Zo! Neji Neji Anpanman Gō is also from Sega Toys.

Thomas the Tank Engine puffs realistic-looking steam in this Takara Tomy plastic rail train set that won the innovation category. On sale as the Jōki Ga Shusshu! Thomas Set.

Bandai’s Formania Ex v Nu Gundam won the “high target” category for toys aimed at adults.

Bandai also won the sales prize for its Henshin Belt Gamer Driver based on the Kamen Rider transformation gadget.

Licca-chan turned 50 this year and the classic Takara Tomy doll received a special prize.

Licca-chan (Takara Tomy).

Pilot’s schoolgirl doll Meru-chan is 25 and also received a special prize.

The Tenkū Party Sushi Daikanransha rejects conveyor belts, offering up a Ferris wheel for serving sushi instead. The toy is a collaboration between Takara Tomy Arts and the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park.

The Anpanman Obentō Set from Joy Palette is a character-themed lunchbox.

Baby monkey digital pet Hugmin is equipped with sensors for touch, sound, and tilting. The Happinet toy also has a motor, so it can react in various ways, such as laughing, getting angry, or nodding off.

With Doki Doki Shark from Beverly, players have to try and take fish out of a shark’s mouth.

The Bonsai Plastic Model Kit from Platz is for budding cultivators of tiny trees, shrinking them down to 1:12 scale.

Kids can play beauty salon with Puni Gel Nail Artist Studio from Sega Toys.

With Umarete! Woomo (Hatchimals), kids warm a toy egg with their hands until a little creature breaks out. Pictured is Kirarame Garden, the latest in this series.

(Banner photo: 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show prize-winners line up on stage.)

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