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New Ways to Play: The 2017 International Tokyo Toy Show (Videos)


The Licca-chan doll, still going strong at 50, and other hit toys presented on video.
Japan’s biggest toy trade show, the International Tokyo Toy Show, was held at Big Sight, Tokyo, on June 1–4. The show was open to the public on the last two days, with a total of more than 160,000 expected to attend the event over the full four days. Here we introduce some of the top playthings from the 126 Japanese and 27 foreign companies that took part.

Beyblade Burst: New Series

The latest gimmick for the popular Beyblade Burst battle tops is that the spinners in this new series speed up again after losing their initial momentum. They are now on sale in 12 countries, mainly in Asia and North America. Last year there was even an Asian championship competition.

Love Knitting Pom Pom Maker

This new toy expands the Love Knitting series. It makes pom poms easy to create with wool or other materials.

Jōki Ga Shusshu! Thomas Set

Marking 25 years of the Thomas the Tank Engine plastic rail train set, this innovative version puffs realistic-looking steam. Thomas can get a refill at the water tower and talks as he goes.

BotsNew Characters VR Dragonball Z

The BotsNew series makes it possible to experience virtual reality just by inserting a smartphone into the headset. Players can fire off Kamehameha blasts in this Dragon Ball Z edition.

Umarete! Woomo (Hatchimals)

When kids look after these eggs, warming them with their hands, the Woomo creatures break out by themselves. The fun is not knowing when they will hatch.

Gachatto Action Station

Kids can take charge of a major station, complete with platform safety doors that open and close. Augmented reality functions add to the enjoyment.

Kira-chen Licca-chan

At 50 years old, the Licca-chan doll continues to reflect the styles of each generation. Shine a light on the hair of the new Kira-chen (“sparkling change”) incarnation to alter its color.

Best-in-Category Award Winners at ITTS 2017

Category Product and Manufacturer
Boys Beyblade Burst: New Series (Takara Tomy)
Girls Love Knitting Pom Pom Maker (Agatsuma)
Communication Chikyū Marugoto Sugoroku (Megahouse)
Education Anpanman Shaberi Ippai Kotoba Zukan Super DX (Sega Toys)
General Hashiru Zo! Neji Neji Anpanman Gō (Sega Toys)
Innovation Jōki Ga Shusshu! Thomas Set (Takara Tomy)
”High target” (for adults) Formania Ex v Nu Gundam (Bandai)

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