Building Bridges Between Japan and China

The diplomatic tensions between Japan and China over territorial disputes and other issues shouldn’t make us lose sight of the many things these two neighbors have in common as a result of some 2,000 years of economic, cultural, and scholarly interaction. This series looks at some of exchanges taking place now at the grassroots levels to bridge misunderstandings and forge stronger ties between the two countries.

“Explosive Buying” Proof of a Successful Retailing Strategy

Luo Yiwen is the Chinese-born president of Tokyo-based tax-free electronics retailer Laox, which has been one major beneficiary of the Chinese shopping sprees known as bakugai or “explosive buying.” His policies aimed at customers from China and other foreign countries have paid off in a big way.

Yano Kōji: The Japanese Actor Who’s Big in China

Actor Yano Kōji is one of the most popular Japanese people in China. After starting his career with repeated roles as Japanese soldiers in World War II dramas, he diversified into other roles and appears regularly on a popular Chinese variety show. Now he plans to return to Japan, but still wants to maintain a link with his Chinese fans.

Chinese Sumō Wrestler Bounces Back into the Ring

Professional sumō in Japan is increasingly an international affair. One of the latest overseas talents is the Chinese-born wrestler Sōkokurai. He has rapidly moved up the rankings thanks to his skills and work ethic—but he had to overcome a serious setback along the way.

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