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Marriage in Japan Now

In Japan, news of people marrying later in life and declining birth rates has been reported for years. We asked experts on the issue and unmarried people what Japanese think of marriage and what is stopping singles from marrying.

Dividing the Sexes: The Modern Evolution of Japanese Gender Roles in Marriage

Japan has a deep-rooted belief that husbands should be breadwinners and wives should stay at home and look after the children. But when did this view arise, and is it a realistic model for the modern age? In this article, we consider these issues as we investigate the history of marriage in Japan.

Author Umino Tsunami Portrays Marriage as a Career in “Nigehaji”

The manga Nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu achieved widespread popularity when TBS aired it as a TV drama series in 2017. We asked the author, Umino Tsunami, about the new paradigm for marriage she sets forth in the series and how people have reacted to it.

Matchmaking Apps Make Finding a Spouse a Breeze

These days, if you ask a married couple who “met online” for more details, you may discover that they came together via a matchmaking app. Read on to learn more about these services and how Japanese users rely on them to find a partner, and ultimately a spouse.

Japan’s Unmarried Masses Face Mounting Obstacles to Matrimony

Men and women in Japan wishing to marry struggle with a growing array of issues ranging from practical economic concerns to traditional views on marriage partners. As a result, the number of unwed men and women in Japan continues to climb. We recently sat down with Uekusa Miyuki, head of Tokyo matchmaking agency Marry Me, to learn more about the organization’s services and the issues clientele face.

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