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Japan Data

The Latest Figures and Surveys

This series offers basic information about Japan in an easy-to-understand format using statistics and diagrams. Also presented are surveys and questionnaires about Japanese lifestyles and ways of thinking, along with updated information on the disaster recovery effort in Japan.

Japanese School Kids Overseas

The number of Japanese elementary and junior-high students studying in foreign countries is on the rise as more of their parents are posted overseas.

Capital Punishment in Japan

Japan has carried out executions of 83 death-row inmates since 2000. The standards used to decide whom to execute are not clear and seem to reflect the particular outlook of the justice minister serving at the time.

Salarymen’s Spending Money Failing to Rise

The average amount of spending money among male company workers in Japan was ¥39,836 per month in 2018.

Sharing Economy Booming in Japan as Customer-to-Customer Market Grows to ¥1 Trillion

The soaring popularity of flea market applications like Mercari has seen online trade between individuals grow into a ¥1 trillion market.

Record Number of Japanese Living Overseas

Statistics compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that, as of October 1, 2017, there were 1,351,970 Japanese living overseas, a year-on-year increase of 13,493 or 1.0%. This is the highest number since statistics were first kept in 1968 and 2.3 times more than 30 years ago.

Aum Shinrikyō: A Timeline

On the morning of July 6, Matsumoto Chizuo, who took the name Asahara Shōkō as leader of the Aum Shinrikyō cult, and six followers were executed for their role in orchestrating crimes and terrorist attacks that killed dozens. Below we give a chronology of incidents related to the deadly cult.

Believe It or Not! Religious Adherents Outnumber People in Japan

Japan had 182.2 million religious adherents as of December 31, 2016, according to a statistical study on religion conducted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Remarkably, this figure is 40% higher than the population of Japan, which stands at around 126 million.

The Next Big One: Government Map Forecasts Likely Future Japanese Earthquakes

The government’s Japan Earthquake Forecast Map predicts the probability of temblors on an intensity scale of lower 6 or above occurring throughout the country within the next 30 years. The nation’s major metropolitan zones are within the areas of highest risk.

Japanese Wine Boom Gives Boost to Domestic Grape Production

Japanese wines have been in the spotlight amid an ongoing wine boom that began around 2012. A wine must be made with 100% Japanese grapes to be considered a “Japanese wine.” Domestic production of wine grapes has been rising, but the aging of wine cultivators in Japan places a limit on how much production can be increased. Faced with this situation, major winemakers have been expanding their own cultivation of wine grapes.

Japan’s Farming Population Rapidly Aging and Decreasing

Since1985 Japan’s farming population has shrunk by around 60% while the average age of farmers has steadily increased. Against this backdrop, the agricultural sector now faces a severe labor shortage.

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