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Japan Data

The Latest Figures and Surveys

This series offers basic information about Japan in an easy-to-understand format using statistics and diagrams. Also presented are surveys and questionnaires about Japanese lifestyles and ways of thinking, along with updated information on the disaster recovery effort in Japan.

Free Apps for Studying Japanese

There are many free apps available for learning Japanese on smartphones and tablets. This article introduces some of the better options.

Grand Prix Winners at the Tokyo International Film Festival

Films directed by Alejandro González Inárritu, Lukas Moodysson, and Alejandro Amenábar are among the winners of the Tokyo International Film Festival Grand Prix over the years.

Hokkaidō Most Attractive Prefecture for Tenth Year Running; Hakodate Tops City List

According to the Local Brand Survey 2018, Hokkaidō ranked top by prefecture and Hakodate and Sapporo are in the top 10 cities. Hokkaidō’s strong brand power is clear.

Japanese Employees Still Only Taking Half of Paid Leave

Despite the government’s promotion of “work-style reform,” employees in Japan on average still take only half of their paid holidays. Why are Japanese workers so reluctant to take days off?

Haneda Soars as Japan’s Busiest Airport

Haneda dominated the 2017 ranking of Japanese airports with 85.68 million passengers, leaving Narita a distant second.

Record Number of Longstanding Japanese Companies Close Down in 2017

A Teikoku Databank study reveals that a record number of longstanding companies went bankrupt or discontinued their business in fiscal 2017. In many cases, owners had to close profitable businesses for lack of a successor, while others struggled to adapt to changes in Japan’s industrial structure.

Reported Japanese School Bullying Cases Rise to New High

A record high number of bullying cases was reported during the 2017 academic year. One major factor behind the increase is the growing trend toward proactively identifying and responding to bullying at schools.

Poll Shows Over 40% of Chinese Have a Favorable View of Japan

The results of the Japan-China Annual Joint Opinion Poll 2018 show that the image of Japan among Chinese people has improved overall.

Mickey Expands His Kingdom as Tokyo Disney Resort Targets Higher Attendance

For Japanese people, the nation’s foremost theme park is Tokyo Disney Resort. Since 2013, it has attracted over 30 million people annually and ranks highly in global rankings for visitor numbers.

After 40 Years, Japan Stops Aid to China

Here we take a look back on 40 years of Japan’s ODA to China.

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