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Travel Is Main Pleasure for Older Japanese


Results from a Sony Life Insurance survey reveal that older Japanese are enjoying travel, cuisine, and fashion, and that sports cars continue to be desired objects among older men.

Older Japanese people derive most pleasure from getting out and about. According to a survey conducted by Sony Life Insurance, targeting around 1,000 people nationwide aged 50 to 79, travel came top in a ranking of what they enjoy. Television and fine dining were also popular, particularly with women.

The survey also asked how much those with grandkids spent on them every year. The most common amount, at 21.8%, was between ¥50,000 and ¥100,000, while the average was ¥128,269, a ¥12,210 increase over the average of ¥116,059 in the 2017 survey. Most of the amount given to grandchildren was spending money for allowances, small New Year’s money gifts (otoshidama), or to celebrate some special event or accomplishment, with 75.1% of the respondents saying they gave money for such purposes. This was followed by spending on restaurants (53.1%), toys and games (41.2%), clothing and fashion (32.0%), and travel and leisure activities enjoyed together (30.0%).

Another question asked what the last car respondents would like to purchase in their life would be. Both men and women listed Mercedes Benz as the top choice, and many foreign luxury automobiles were in the top 10. Among men, Ferrari was the second-most popular choice, while the Nissan GT-R was eighth, revealing that as men get older they increasingly long to own a sports car.
Men Women
1 Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz
2 Ferrari BMW
3 Porsche Crown (Toyota)
4 BMW Lexus (Toyota)
5 Crown (Toyota) Rolls Royce
6 Rolls Royce Porsche
7 Lexus (Toyota) Prius (Toyota)
8 GT-R (Nissan) Ferrari
9 Prius (Toyota) Audi
10 Bentley Jaguar/Volvo

Foreign cars are highlighted. Compiled by Nippon.com based on data from Sony Life Insurance.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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