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Guidelines Set in Japan to Help Cancer Patients Have Kids (News)

Tokyo, July 13 (Jiji Press)—The Japan Society of Clinical Oncology said Thursday it has created the first guidelines on treatment for child cancer patients to help them have children in the future.

Cancer treatments, such as drugs and surgery, may impair the functions of ovaries and testes, leaving patients infertile.

There are methods to allow cancer patients to have children in the future, such as freezing eggs and sperm before treatment, but patients have not been sufficiently informed about them.

The guidelines specifically elaborate methods applicable to sufferers of eight types of cancer. For instance, they say the use of an anticancer drug after a breast cancer surgery may be delayed until eggs are frozen and the womb may be left intact if the cervical tumor is 2 cm or smaller.

The guidelines, however, emphasize that medical professionals should give top priority to treating patients’ cancer and not stint on therapies for the sake of preserving patients’ reproductive capability.

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  • [2017.07.14]
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