Wings of a Crane: Aomori’s Elegant Tsuru-no-mai Bridge

Tsuru-no-mai Bridge

Tsuru-no-mai Bridge and Mount Iwaki.

At 300 meters in length, the Tsuru-no-mai Bridge over Tsugaru Fujimi Lake in Aomori Prefecture is the longest wooden triple-arch bridge in Japan. The bridge is built from locally grown Japanese cypress and derives its name from its arched shape, appearing like a crane with wings spread in flight. Mount Iwaki towering in the distance provides a stunning background to this elegant structure.

Access: Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from JR Mutsu-tsuruda Station.

(Banner photo: Tsuru-no-mai Bridge in silhouette. Information courtesy of the Aomori Prefectural Government’s Aptinet Aomori Sightseeing Guide.)

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